Process Heat / Steam Generation

Industrial Process Heat (IPH) is a vital resource in many manufacturing processes, such as in the chemical, textile and food industries, where heat is used for distillation, pasteurization, drying, etc. In most cases, heat is needed in the range of 120-300°C.

operating system

Industrial process heat is energy intensive and typically requires the consumption of fossil fuels, either gas or light fuel oil. The amount of energy consumed to generate process heat is very large. It is estimated that process heat accounts for 66% of all industrial end-user energy use . Utilizing solar energy to generate process heat would significantly reduce users energy expenditures and CO2 emissions.

Heating & Cooling

Air conditioning accounts for 14% of the electricity used in commercial buildings in the U.S. , with an annual value of approximately $14 billion. Most of this energy is consumed during peak load hours, when energy prices are at a maximum.

Tamuz Energy's high temperature heat supply is ideal for air conditioning by powering high efficiency, dual stage, absorption cooling machines. This helps lower electricity demand during peak load hours and reduces air conditioning costs, making for excellent returns for customers. Such machines are available off-the-shelf from leading manufacturers. They require heat input at 170-180°C that cannot be achieved with conventional thermal collectors.