A Revolutionary Solar Collector

Tamuz Energy integrates a proprietary thermal receiver with moderate concentration linear optics and single-axis tracking into low profile 2 [m2] rooftop modules. The optical components and monolithically integrated thermal receiver are all manufactured of glass to eliminate the risk of failure due to thermal mismatch. Glass is time tested and proven in operation at high temperatures under harsh outdoors conditions and extreme thermal cycling, resulting in high system reliability. 

This proprietary collector is:

  • Modular 
  • Fit for rooftop or ground mounting 
  • Monolithic
  • Delivers high temperatures, up to 300°C using innovative solar receiver technology
  • Can Include an innovative integral thermal energy buffer storage
  • Offers energy at a substantially lower price than natural gas in most countries, without incentives
  • Manufactured using mature technologies in an existing global manufacturing base

"Plug In" Concept

The solar collectors are arranged in an array and installed on the roof of the industrial location. The size and arrangement of the system is designed to deliver high value thermal energy at the desired process temperature and power via a transfer fluid. The rooftop solar thermal system is connected to the existing building infrastructure via a heat exchanger, and displaces thermal energy that would have been generated by conventional means (gas, coal, light fuel oil, diesel fuel or electricity). Tamuz-Energy system is controlled and connected to an intuitive easy-to-use customer’s control system. The value to customers is significant: avoided fuel cost, reduced emissions and reduced maintenance.


Integrated Buffer Storage

Tamuz Energy’s revolutionary solar collector can contain both energy collection and energy storage elements.

This integrated solar collector with buffer storage solution is an enabler for a higher efficiency solar system:

  • Continue to provide heat during transients (e.g., occasional clouds, peaks in demand)
  • Allow time for a backup heating system to kick in (e.g., boiler heat up, engine turn on) when the sun disappears for prolonged periods
  • Eliminate the need to maintain a backup system at full readiness (e.g., keeping boiler hot or heating-fuel warm)
  • Meet customer requirements for a continuous heat supply (analogous to “range anxiety” in EV).

Without buffer storage, a backup system must be kept warm at all times. In a solar system without buffer storage, this causes energy waste and may require many startup/shutdowns that reduce system reliability.

Competing buffer storage systems require an additional, separate, expensive thermal energy storage (TES) system.